Monday, 23 September 2013

For the I&E Bazaar Planner

<I&E Bazaar Planner 1>
Canned Drinks
- $1/can
Ice Cream
- $0.50/stick
- $1.50/piece
Gummy Bears
- 3 for $1

Nerf Guns (Shoot Cans)
- 3 Varying Distances

Monday, 29 July 2013

Pixel!sed Executive Summary

Business Name:
P!xel!xed pte ltd

Mission Statement:
To create the world's best gaming experience that allows the customer to enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Vision Statement:
To make every gamer enjoy gaming in a new way.

To let every customer enjoy our products, hardware or software.

Business Description:

Business Structure:

Business Type:
Service, B→C

Ngee Ann (the mall)


Pixel!sed Cash Flow Statement

Jerry and Ben Executive summary

Executive Summary

We aim to leave a smile on your face when you leave our store.

Customer problems
There is a possibility that our pricing is too high so we would need to constantly adjust for the better

Business Description
We are going to sell ice cream that has different flavours hidden in the ice cream with gummy bears.

Company background
We are still a new company. But we are going in with partners to support us and supply us with the money we need to make this business a success. Our company will be going into the food industry, especially the dessert department.

Ice cream that has many flavours and toppings and the customer can customize their own type of ice cream as we have a booth for them to do that.

Everybody who eats Ice cream (non- diabetics).
We estimate around 20 regular customers would be possible within a week of opening.
We will focus our marketing around our unique part, the ice cream customization and price varying to gain popularity among the people.

We shall use stores to sell and make short distance delivery. However, as our business extends, we will be able to open more stores and include further for delivery for our customers. When our business is successful, we will start opening our chain outlets overseas in nearby countries before going further off.

Ben and Jerry, Baskin Robbins, MacDonald’s Ice Cream etc.
We have an advantage over our competitors as unlike them, we have our unique customizable ice cream which will be able to earn us a decent amount of people and as we grow, we would be able to overcome them.

Cash Flow Statement ( Jerry and Ben )

Excecutive summary

Page 3

Cash Flow Statement

Executive Summary

Daily Sweets

Company Overview
Daily sweets is a company that sells high quality cupcakes all around Singapore. We plan to be able to give Singaporeans access to fresh and hygienic cupcakes at a price everyone can afford. Daily Sweets also wishes for their customers to be able to bond and connect with their loved ones, thus having a wide array of cupcakes designs and flavours for different occasions that suitable for the Young and Old alike. We also allow the customer to purchase the cupcake and personalize it for a gift and bring joy to others.

Marketing Overview
We plan to start up by starting up a store at one of the more popular MRT stations, such as Jurong or Paya Lebar. We may make a loss at the first three months, rest assured that there will be a profit half a year after the business is set up. If we are successful enough, we plan to open another two more stores, this time at major shopping complexes, Vivo City and Jem. If all goes well, we plan to go international, and set up stores in neighbouring countries, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Competitors in the Market
As like any newly opened F&B outlet, we would face off with many competitors such as Twelve Cupcakes or Plain Vanilla Bakery. In order for our business to succeed, we have a special menu in comparison to theirs. Instead of the same repetitive menu, we have included many new creations. Of course, at the same time, we would be using the classic flavors that is loved by many.

Total Revenue
Total Expenses
Total Profit after Tax

Cocoa Haven Executive Summary

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Homework 23/7/13

Hi everyone,

as promised, here is a template of an Executive Summary. You will need to post one on this blog by the next lesson. This is for your new business. Thank you.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Homework 17/7/13

Hi everyone,

as promised, here is a template of a Cash Flow Statement. You will need to post one on this blog by the next lesson. This is for your new business. Thank you.

Cocoa Haven Cash Flow statement

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Pixel!zed Financial Plan

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Fluffbunnies Incorporated: Financial Plan

Page 7

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Group 4 Business Influential Factors

Product: People might not find the product interesting or suitable, therefore sales may decrease.
Location: There might be strong competitors around the area, thus decreasing sales. Also, if we are creating a technology company, we do not want to build in a cosmetics district.
Business Management: If we are always fighting, there will not be cooperation between co-workers, and things may go wrong.

Economic: The market and economy may be low, as people want to save money, and sales will drop.
Technology: Our technology may not be up to date, or not cutting-edge, and more people will be attracted to the other better technology.
Social: People might not be interested in a specific type of game, therefore sales will decrease partially.
Internal Factors 
- Location : If we set up our shop at a place with lots of ice cream shop, we may lose our business.
- Resources : The attitude of the work staff must be good or else the customers may not come back.
- Management : If we have not enough finances for us to get a good location, we may not get a good place that has many customers.

External Factors
- Economy : If the economy is bad, not many people may patronise us
- Legal : The law may banned us from selling this kind of ice cream
- Social market : If there is many ice cream shops, we may lose our business

3 internal factors & 3 external factors affection business

Geographical- Earthquakes can destroy buildings.
Economic Changes- If economy is bad, business will be bad :(
Higher Standard of Living- Will Affect Company Business if people become richer.

Product- Food Quality must be good and healthy to have a good reputation
Location- Set Up in a Populated Area with minimal competition
Management-Bad management will result in conflict within the company and destroy the internal trust.


3 internal factors-1. products (what they sell) The designs, price, variety and quality of the product.
 , management( how they manage the company and the decision they make.
) and resources(where they get their supplies from and how expensive they charge.

3 external factors- social needs (trends among society), competition (how similar/different they are from similar businesses), market (world economy, inflation, etc)

Done by: Brandon, Jordan, Evangeline, Zhong Han and Cassandra

I&E internal and External factors

~Internal communication problem (Workers might miscommunicate within each other )
~Cost of food ( Food might be too expensive )
~Quality of food( Lousy food quality )

~External economic conditions ( There might be an economic downfall )
~Change of trend ( People might not like that food anymore )
~Competition ( other companies set up beside the shop )

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

T1W7 homework

Develop your own survey form for your product/ services
ìWhat do you want to find out?
ìMinimum 10 questions, Maximum 15 questions
ì10 surveys per student

Please share your google Pages (Google form preferred) with me.

Deadline: Before the next lesson.

p.s (I updated the I&E homework on S209 class blog instead of the I&E blog)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

T1W6 Homework

Hi S2-09,

Please remember to do your homework on Google Documents this time round, and share it with your teammates and myself (

In your newly assigned groups, please create your Business Feasibility plan, including these information:

1) Business description
2) Legal structure
3) Business type
4) Location
5) Market

6) Mission Statement
7) Vision statement

Deadline, before the next lesson.

Thank you.

Ms Andrea

Monday, 28 January 2013


Write an introduction of your business in report format consisting of:
ìBusiness Description
ìBusiness Legal structure (ownership and funding)
ìJustify why your business is selected in this structure
ìBusiness Type
ìMarket (local/ national/ global)


Thursday, 24 January 2013

T1W3 Homework

Individual Assignment:

Question: How would you build your brand?

Please also include:
1) Your brand name
2) Your Product
3) Tagline
4) How you would build up your brand?

Please leave your name. Thank you.


Saturday, 19 January 2013

T1W2 Homework

If you want to be an entrepreneur in the future with your group members as partners,  what kind of business / industry would you want to be in?
Please include:
1) Company name
2) Product
3) Tagline (slogan)
   And as this is a GROUP assignment, please include all 3 or 4 of your names below. Thanks.

Deadline: Thursday, 24th Jan, midnight.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

T1W1 Homework

‘How has your selected brand evolved its products to understand its customers?’
Please include: 
a) Link to a photo
b) Who?
c) What?
d) How has it evolved? 

Deadline: Thursday, 17th Jan, 12 midnight