Thursday, 24 January 2013

T1W3 Homework

Individual Assignment:

Question: How would you build your brand?

Please also include:
1) Your brand name
2) Your Product
3) Tagline
4) How you would build up your brand?

Please leave your name. Thank you.



  1. 1) Daily sweets
    2) Cupcakes
    3)absolute sweetness in every bite
    -Have small modern stores all around Singapore
    Offer people to personalize the cupcakes
    have different and unique cupcake designs for special occasions
    -Use branded ingredients for baking
    -Have two different line of cupcakes, the cheaper ones for the people with not much money, and the higher quality ones for those richer ones.
    - Have diverse flavors, frostings and toppings

  2. 1) JBJ
    2) Food (fast-food)
    3) We serve the best , for the best of you.
    4) I would
    - use the freshest quality food for the product
    -target at vegetarian and non-vegetarian consumers
    -always sends food for checks to guarantee its quality and cleanness \

  3. 1. Runner
    2. Sports Shoes
    3. To run with comfort
    - Provide quality shoes for all customers.
    - Special shoes for those with flat feet or other podiatric conditions
    - Target at everybody
    - Do daily rounds at the factory to ensure quality.

    1. - Supply shoes to all department stores
      - (Special Shoes) Fit in curved-arched insoles to cater to those with flat feet.

  4. 1) JBJ
    2) Food
    3) We serve the best , for the best of you
    4) I would
    -order the bes quality supplier i can find
    -target audience is everyone
    -do some random checks on food quality from time to time

  5. 1) PSB
    2) Shoes
    3) When you need to flash away, use our PSB right away
    -Use the best quality materials to make shoes.
    - Affordable for everyone.
    - Allow people to customize their shoes
    - Ensure regular checking of shoes, so that they are up to people's expectations.
    - Improve from productive suggestions given by customers.

  6. 1) Scream
    2) Ice cream
    3) you scream for ice cream
    I would have feedback forms for customers
    I would use only good quality ingredients
    I would have a variety of flavours

  7. Company: P!xel!zed
    Name: Farruq
    Industry: Technology
    Tagline: Makes your life clearer
    Brand-Building Method: Making a variety of products from high-quality parts imported by around the world,, try to focus the target audience to aspiring photographers, having feed back forms for customers to give their feedback of the products.

  8. 1) JC
    3)Just for your Comfort.
    4) Order the best quality of materials in a bulk to reduce price for the customers. Have customers do a survey form. Set up a website, contact number and email so the customers could easily contact me.

  9. 1) Scream
    2) Ice cream
    3) you scream for ice cream
    4) I would start small and only use the finest products for my food. I would time to time chat with my customers and staff to see how I can improve my business

  10. Pi
    Hope it reminds you when are doing math!
    I would start by having a little pushcart that sells and when it becomes a little more famous, I would change it into a shop and sell more. I will also give our free pies on a certain day.

  11. 1)JBJ
    3) We serve the best , for the best of you
    4)I would get the best supplier I can afford,as well as make sure personal hygiene is at 100% and have spot checks on the food and cleanliness every week.

  12. 1) P!xel!zed

    2) Technology

    3) One in a billion

    4) The products must be fast, reliable, durable and of high quality. Customer service must be easy to use, without long delays, available all the time and accessible through different methods.

  13. 1) Project RC(pRCject)
    2) RC planes
    3) Hey look
    One wing
    4) I would get better quality foam and design good looking, yet high performing/crazy planes for sale as kits and PDF plans.

  14. 1) PSB
    2) Spectacles
    3) Sharper than the sharpest lens to benefit your ever growing needs
    i would build a new type of revolutionary lens and patent it.
    i will also get a very durable and easily put on and off type lens and sell them
    then i would get a famous doctor to say a few good words about my lens which would be a easy on and off.
    then i would sell it cheap and thus gain approval by many others.
    then i would release the patented type of lens for people with more money.

  15. 1. Daily Sweets
    2. Absolute sweetness in every bite!
    3. We are selling Cupcakes! :)
    4. Make cute, original and nice cupcakes that can only be found in my shop. I would only have one stall, so that I would know my loyal customers. I will reward loyalty points and have a once a year or every anniversary luck draw when you spend above a specific amount. I would also have a cheep cheep day where all my cupcaks are half price and below.

  16. 1)Limitless

    2)Sports equipment

    3) To play with excellence.

    ~We will ensure that the products are good in quality and comfortable as well as that the products would be long lasting.
    ~We ensure to keep our promise and ensure that the product is good in quality.
    ~There would be feedback forms feedbacking on what should be improved on and which part did we do well.

  17. 1) FAF
    2) Food
    3) Fast, affordable, and good.
    -Have many waiters to serve food fast.
    -Have many discounts.
    -Ensure that the food is cheap.
    -Ensure that the best quality food is shipped.

  18. 1) P!xel!zed
    2) Technology and Software
    3) One in a billion
    4a) Ensure our software is up to date and our technology is not buggy
    4b) Adapt to customers needs and wants

  19. 1) Scream
    2) Ice-cream
    3) You scream for ice-scream
    4) I will start screaming about the ice-cream and people will start screaming for ice-cream.

    1. if everyone is screaming, how to eat the iScream? XD

  20. 1) KaiTech
    2) Computer support
    3) PC, Linux or Mac; have a problem, call KaiTech
    -Have a website which stores soft-copies of instruction manuals that can be downloaded.
    -Provide 24 hour support every day.
    -Have videos on the website for fixing common problems.

  21. 1) Hermes's Wings
    2) Sport Shoes
    3) We make what we wear
    4) Take consumer feedback, make quality products that are cheap to gain advantage over competition

  22. 1. Daily Sweets
    2. Absolute sweetness in every bite!
    3. Cupcakes
    4. Have cute designs for children, and simple designs for teenagers. Have discount coupons for regular customers, and discounts for students who want a quick snack. Place locations in a convenient place, such as next to an MRT Station, or on a route that students would take, such as next to a bus stop, or next to a bus interchange.