Monday, 29 July 2013

Jerry and Ben Executive summary

Executive Summary

We aim to leave a smile on your face when you leave our store.

Customer problems
There is a possibility that our pricing is too high so we would need to constantly adjust for the better

Business Description
We are going to sell ice cream that has different flavours hidden in the ice cream with gummy bears.

Company background
We are still a new company. But we are going in with partners to support us and supply us with the money we need to make this business a success. Our company will be going into the food industry, especially the dessert department.

Ice cream that has many flavours and toppings and the customer can customize their own type of ice cream as we have a booth for them to do that.

Everybody who eats Ice cream (non- diabetics).
We estimate around 20 regular customers would be possible within a week of opening.
We will focus our marketing around our unique part, the ice cream customization and price varying to gain popularity among the people.

We shall use stores to sell and make short distance delivery. However, as our business extends, we will be able to open more stores and include further for delivery for our customers. When our business is successful, we will start opening our chain outlets overseas in nearby countries before going further off.

Ben and Jerry, Baskin Robbins, MacDonald’s Ice Cream etc.
We have an advantage over our competitors as unlike them, we have our unique customizable ice cream which will be able to earn us a decent amount of people and as we grow, we would be able to overcome them.

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